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thanks for the reply. I know that a midi event can start the sequencer. I am doing this already. But I want a plugin on a midi track to set the tempo and trigger the play button. Imagine you play piano in free tempo and a "virtual drummer" plugin recognizes your tempo and starts playing along. Not neccessarily I need to control the sequencer that way. I could have the drum sequencing written all in a plugin but this makes things easier. I already wrote a code where I can tap four on the floor any time with the food, and then the beat coninues auomatically with the tempo I tapped. I then can switch in hihat and clap eg. with further taps. This is just the first idea. I want to extend the funtionality and checking the technical possibilities.

I checked reaverb with "ZL" checked and unchecked, It doesn't make a difference on the play button latency.

P.S.: I also found reatune on two tracks with PDC. But disabling these doesn't help. Is it possible that by default there is a tiny latency on the transport buttons. usually people probably don't care..

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