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Originally Posted by yanhl View Post
Thank you !

I have a little problem : it refuses to login.

$user=""; // set up the server with a l/p for your status user

I filled these strings with my server parameters and tried with my admin account, then i created a "status" user with the * rights... in both cases, i get a "invalid login to server !" message.

show.php displays the CC license so the server parameters are right.
I can log in with my admin and "status" users with the ninjam client so my users are well recognized, my config file is ok.

Any idea ? Should i define a "status" user with special rights assigned to it ?
I use the latest server release (v0.02).
Hmmm..., unfortunately, I seem to have run into the same difficulties with trying to implement this tonight. Any thoughts from anyone? I'm on a Linux server running php5+.

I tried making the change suggested above for php5- but that didn't help. I should mention that for some reason I cannot login to my server using a user setup in the config file. I can only successfully login as anonymous. Very weird and nothing I have tried has allowed me to login with an authenticated user, so I'm sure that's where my problem is. I just have no idea how to get around it. lol...

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be happy to try them out. lol...
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