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I'll go first!

iMac C2D @ 2.93ghz, Win7 64-bit
WASAPI exclusive, 256 sample buffer, 48khz
Anticipative FX on @ 500ms (oops, left that up from an earlier test), Live FX off, old 4.x worker thread left on (oops again)
angry mob 29.1 to 41.1 (about 40sec) -- synthetic edit with extra FX
48khz, all 44k mono media, mix of 32-bit FP and 24 bit integer .wav "Good (192 pt sinc)" resample mode
9 2-channel tracks, 1 folder, bunch of reaxcomp, reacomp, reafir, and reaeq (synthetic) and a couple of JS, a reaverb (LL/ZL), a readelay.
No third party plug-ins.

3 separate samplings for each version

REAPER 64-bit: ICC 22.8%,21.67%,22.6%, VS13 21.1%, 24.1%, 20.6%.

I'd call these about the same (the 24% in the VS13 was probably another application doing something)

REAPER 32-bit: similar results, though each averages closer to 23.5% CPU, so slightly higher than 64-bit

Conclusion: VS13 performs about equivalent to ICC for this project on this system

Another test:

Macbook Pro i7-3720QM @ 2.60
Windows 10 64-bit
WASAPI exclusive 256 samples

Duplicated the tracks twice (4x track count, 224 FX total), the difference between compilers is really negligible on this system as well (there is as much variation in tests with the same version as is between different versions).

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