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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Dea-Man, it's more a question of how to frame what the commands do.

This is stuff that's useful to people using automation more often.

A simple example is to do write-back-to-first-touched-control for effect send levels. You roll playback a bit before the area you're interested in. You TOUCH the control (in Latch mode you just need to change it slightly to do that so non-touch controls work fine) , find the right send level, and hit the command. Then you just roll transport up to the point you want that level written.

No need to edit anything by hand. That's the goal. That's what gets you the speed. Direct access. This is what makes Harrison consoles, ProtoolsHD+Icon/S5/S6 controllers and Nuendo+Nuage so good to use.

These actions give you some of that access. It's up to you how to control your stuff, but writing it has just become a lot easier and faster.
That actually sounds very exciting and useful. I would love to see it in action. A picture worth a thousand words and all...........
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