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Alrighty folks, I think I've procrastinated on this about as much as I can.

Version 3 of the GUI is now ready to accept contributions from Viewers Like You:

Notable changes thus far:
- The project has been renamed "Scythe" because lol Reaper puns.
- The GUI has been ripped apart and restructured into a bunch of smaller modules.
- The {type = "Button", x = 48, caption = "Hi!"} syntax for creating elements is now the ONLY way to create elements because it makes life way, way easier.
- Elements, layers, and windows (well, only one window for the moment) are handled in a much more object-oriented way. If you've ever worked with HTML objects in Javascript, it should look familiar - see the example scripts in the repo.
- There are now a bunch of public modules, separate from the GUI, providing things like extra table functions, text processing, etc.

I have a very long list of features to include in 3.0, and even more that would be nice to have, so I'm open to as much assistance as you can give me. Have a look and see if anything catches your eye.

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