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pljones: Glad to hear you like you this.

I took the next steps today. Choosing a name is really hard since so many domain names are already taken. After playing around with different possibilities I chose Wahjam. Wah-wah is an awesome effect and I hope people like the name .

There is now a wiki and an official Wahjam git repository available at

This is all hosted on Github, so for those who already have accounts it should be familiar and convenient. It's a great chance to try Git if you haven't used it before.

The IRC channel is #wahjam on I am idling on there and will participate when I'm around.

How to get involved

For web designers, consider what the Wahjam website should look like. The wiki is for information that anyone can edit but should have its own static frontpage that showcases the software and provides download links.

For developers, please try to build the code at Shout if it fails to build, or even better, submit patches to fix the problem.

If you have patches for the clients or server, please reply so they can be merged.
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