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Originally Posted by stefanha View Post
Ninjam is playing remote user audio into the guitar effects processor which mixes it together with the monitor signal. Both the instrument and the headphones are plugged into the guitar effects processor.
With this set up, you can't tell if you're playing in time with the NINJAM click. Don't do this. You need to ensure that the only audio you hear has been through NINJAM. Always, regardless of how it's produced. No bypassing is necessary (or "allowed" ), if you're not introducing latency (above about 10ms, which should be unnoticeable).

Client-wise, personally, I don't think any of the sliders are helpful - I'd get rid them all. Having all channels fixed at the same level -- rather than local defaulting to +12dB above remote -- would help simplify the user experience. Maybe allow the local channel to have a +3dB boost to help monitoring (clearly labelled). Maybe allow the click to have a +3dB boost, too... (and allow its sound to be changed...)
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