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Yes, that's what I figured but I wanted to confirm with the experts. So we are going to use 2 laptops at the live (stage) end, 1 to deal with the uplink of the live mix using the Tascam digital recorder, then the same machine will host the click that we'll feed to the drummer using an in ear monitor. Laptop #2 is only to feed my guitar track into the PA on the live end, so that we don't have any issues with feedback from the uplink or bleed from the click. The last thing we'd live to be able to do is slave REAPER's clock off of reaNINJAM so that we can set up loops in in REAPER which can be muted / un-muted to use as the base for some loop based tunes. I seems to recall this was possible but don't recall how to set this up?
Update - so the above didn't work due to the fact that the clock for each laptop starts at the point that you click on the connect to server button and will only sync with each other if you are able to connect exactly on the downbeat of one (and this will drift over time). We think we can get around the feedback issue with the audio uplink track from the stage end sending audio to the remote end by setting the remote level as low as possible and setting the makeup gain on the remote side, but not being able to route the click to a seperate output to either send to a monitor by the drummer or to an in ear monitor is becoming a deal breaker to doing this at a more serious level. Is there anyone I can contact to beg for this to be looked at as a possible addition in a later version? I would think I'm not the only one that is looking at this as a solution for remote live performances, and this one change would solve the last major hurdle to working with it in this way.

We are using a MAC for the computer recording the audio from the stage and sending the mix from the live musicians to me, as well as providing the click to the stage. This article seems to say that using Live and the NINJAM 1.1.0 plugin on a MAC, you should be able to set up 8 audio output tracks plus a click track and route those to different output channels. That should allow us to send the guitar track from me (remote track) to one side of the stereo output from the laptop on the stage and send that to the PA (left channel from laptop), then route the click track to the other output to be sent to a monitor for the drummer (right channel from laptop). Has anyone done this and does it work?

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