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Default Thank you again

Thank you again Steve, I had my pixels set at 20 or sometimes 40 so maybe that's the issue? editing at 20 pixels is so much faster and easier.

I will check all this out though. If there is a way to switch to a different snap setting the quantize then switch back, then that will likely work for me. I an auto zoom in then quantized then zoom out thing once but it was hard to look at and took too long.

I'm not sure why the sws groovetool "Apply groove" action (in the action list I tried both 16 and 32) does not work. I also wish I could use these grooves to set the grid or set the grid to the sws grooves.
I'm only about 4 or 5 months deep coming from Cubase (never going back) so I am still struggling to find a way to quantize simply by hitting Q. I have been living with my midi editor open on my left monitor ao I can adjust swings and grids there but I wish these controls were available on a toolbar. Or I just wish the sws groove tool could set the grid. Then I can use your quantize script.

Still frustrated with something so basic. Having the midi editor open seems like the only way to reference what my current grid/swing settings are.
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