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Default Hello and Welcome

Have you read the manuals of your gear to figure out all of your options?
I don't know your gear specifically,
But I have my yamaha synth (an older model) that I use as a midi controller to play vstis in reaper and record midi input. I have it connected to my motu audio interface via a midi cable. From there the midi is sent via the USB 2.0 on the interface to the computer (it looks like the behringer has a midi in and out with the 5 pin connector). Then you set up reaper for midi input and you should be ready to go. There are some videos on the reaper home page that show you how to set up reaper for this.
Another option is to connect your keyboard directly via usb and I think you can use the midi functions that way as well.(in that case you wouldn't need midi cables but could still record audio output from your keyboard through your mixer to reaper).
I don't record anything with the keyboard itself, so I wouldn't know how to transfer that midi data you have already recorded to reaper. One way to transfer songs or tracks that you have already recorded, would be to record the audio output from your keyboard to reaper if you want to use the keyboards sounds.
There is also a way to get midi tracks in reaper to access your keyboards sounds (in that case you need a second midi cable to send midi back to the keyboard from your interface).
You have options.It depends how you want to work and what you want to achieve.
You can record midi and edit it in reaper. You can record the keyboard sounds as audio (won't be able to edit the midi in reaper but can edit the wave file) or do both.
You can use the keyboard to play vstis in reaper, and again record that midi or audio output or both.
You can use your keyboard sounds to play midi files in reaper.
Don't know anything about soundgrid.
Good luck and have fun.

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