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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
And you need to stop using ad hominem attacks when you don't have a useful response. tack is a programmer and actually knows his stuff very well. Especially the part when RT CPU is around 90%, you cannot expect smooth GUI then, because it is TRUE that Reaper is programmed in such a way that it favors less audio dropouts versus GUI responsiveness.
My response it the truth
for an honest person.
if you don't like to be one,
if you prefer to play a role of a saint
with negativity inside,
to run away from yourself,
judging everybody else,
but not yourself ever
which is always the only one there is to judge for ourselves
then ok
it is completely your personal business.

I said several times that the issue is not about only mixer window.
look what the guy replies
and so on
anyways, he got it how he needs it, so everything should be ok

btw there's another two fixes about the thread in yesterday's beta version
didnt check it yet though

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