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ok first of all I created a project from scratch, added master settings and imported the tracks. Let's see what that does. I should also check a fresh project without imported tracks, then import only a fraction etc. I'll also try the dump thing.

Yes it is windows, but the project also crashes on my macbook and on 2 other pc's so I don't think it is the RAM. Also with different interfaces it happens. No crash dialog today, sometimes I saw a message about memory access denied or so. On a different machine I got bsod related to errors to the ASIO driver, but that might have been something different. Interesting, that seemingly the plugins were not the problem.

For the APC problem: I am using a selfmade js script to illuminate the buttons. I am only sending note on messages also for switching the illumination of a button off. Is it possible that I have to send also not off events to prevent a midi buffer from overflowing? I had a similar problem with a selfmade edrum soft trigger, where I only sent note on every trigger. After a while it didn't trigger anymore. After adding note off for every note on, it worked forever. How could I check if this is the problem?

Thanks a lot guys. You are really helping me to narrow it down!
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