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ok, maybe this rings a bell:

2 Tracks with a Kontakt instance each. The first "Noire", the second "session strings 2". The session strings bug is present. Both tracks contain the same midi data, but at the beginning, the session strings volume is all down and you only hear piano. But still the strings show the error message "script error" but the glitches are syncronously noticable on the piano track which is already loud. So either there is a cross talk between the two Kontakt instances or the glitches are on the master?

Edit (I wrote something wrong here before):

I stripped down the project to the four tracks playing and seem to have eliminated the crash problem. Therefore, the strings problem had time to get so much worse that it is obvious that the glitches are on the master. You can even see the cursor of the reaper sequencer is getting stuck when the glitches come. And the glitches are much worse now after the track ran for 20 hours. I will post the project. Maybe somebody can reproduce this..

Unfortunately the project with just 2 tracks is too large. Zip is 2.05MB. Can't upload

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