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Originally Posted by zappadave View Post
I have .22 beta and Yes they all work, except the 24/32 steps.
that's very odd. i don't suppose you are missing the extra steps because they run off the right side of the fx window? i don't know a way to expand this window from Js, so you need to do that manually. other than that i'm stumped right now. you could click the "Edit..." button in the fx window and see if the maxsteps variable gets changed to 24/32 when you right click "[arp!0]". or can anyone else test this on 64bit Reaper for us? is that win or mac zappadave? also, i guess you could manually edit the Js source. the only thing you would need to change at this point is the "maxsteps= 16;" line. everything else follows from that.

ps- noticed i didn't update the version number in the fx title, so v0.22beta still says v0.20 fwiw.
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