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Originally Posted by Blankfiles View Post
For the question of tinting I will answer as follows, the first problem is that for this type of theme that asks for a specific meter the option are more limited to make them, I must cover the section of the meter with a picture "Mcp_ol_meter " which hides a Part of the meter, and to tint a track we have to play with the opacity to make it transparent, but the meter does not be transparent and nothing can go through top of meter has the execption of filing Mcp_ol_meter what exactly is the same problem for scaling up and down and also change all the color when track are selected reaper do not allow to change the meter style for the moment hard to explain in English sorry i can do a mcp whit tint option but that will change everyting and is the same for I Logic theme

I'm fine with just track labels being tinted ❤❤❤
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