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Default a few bugs and a FR re: save-as

6.03 on win 8.1:

Bug 1: If I have a new project, insert say 10 long audio files in to it on separate tracks, and while it is building peaks I save-as, choose "make subfolder" and "copy files", it will make a new project, copy all the files, and start to build peaks again.

If I then save that project (while it is still building peaks) and hit ctrl-N, it will (usually) hang until it finishes building all the peaks, and only then make a new project.

I would expect it to abort creating the peak files (it seems that this is the normal behavior if you don't do the "save as" with media copy). Sometimes it seems like it does interrupt the peaks, but I may have imagined that. Almost always it makes you wait, which can sometimes be a very long time you don't want to wait. :-)

Bug 2, or maybe more properly a FR: if I save-as a new project and copy the files with no transcoding, why not just copy the peak files rather than rebuild them all? It can be a lot of time with large/long projects.

Bug 3: if I save-as and select "create subdirectory" and there is an RPP in the current directory of the same name as the new project file, it will pop up a dialog indicating that it will overwrite the RPP, which it will not, since it is going to create a subdirectory and put the new RPP in there. The dialog makes it appear as if Reaper will be doing something that it in fact will not.

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