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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
This may actually be a bug on our side, specifically with regard to the latest version of the UAD driver. We're looking into it, but if it is, we should be able to fix this for the next REAPER release.
While you're at it with UA, can you see if you can figure out why AU instances of UAD plugins are always taxing the UAD DSP whereas VST instances only tax the UAD DSP when the item needs the UAD for playback or rendering?

I'm speaking of item FX instances and not track/channel instances.

It would be nice if the AU behaved like VST so it's not so easy to max out the DSP usage in a session.

I don't like mixing AU and VST plugins on an item because it seems that I get little playback glitches when moving from the GUI of a AU plugin to VST plugin inserted on the same item.

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