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ONLY way I could get playback was to create an AGGREGATE DEVICE in AMS and add the Soundflower App and my Interface to that, select that as the AudioDevice in Reaper.

Yeah, kinds doesn't make sense as the midi routing is simple.

The AUDIO routing? IF Logic is using SoundFlower for its AUDIO then we need to use that driver to route the AUDIO into REAPER. Reaper ONLY allows ONE audio device so then you are left with not hearing anything.

I would PM Kenny as I just tried this here and that was the ONLY solution I came up with.

1. Create an aggregate device to use in Reaper using SoundFlower and your Interface Device
2. Select the correct input channel for the main output playback from your primary audio interface

**Im thinking Rewire may be a better option here. I will check that this weekend.
Reaper 4.78,OSX 10.13.6, Steinberg MR816X
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