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Originally Posted by vanhaze View Post
Dear serr, thank you for your response.

One sentence i don't understand:
"PDC does crash and this is the workaround. "

I am a total PDC noob..could you please explain what this sentence exactly means ?
I am quite interested.
Plugins that need to look ahead of the current signal (limiters, noise gates, lots of other stuff too) add a certain amount of delay to the signal to do so; they let Reaper know how much, and Reaper compensates for that delay when it plays everything back so you hear the correct things at the correct time.

Because Reaper has to put in more effort to do this, having a lot of plugins requesting PDC can be really taxing on your system even though the plugins aren't actually using that much CPU on their own. This can lead to clicking/popping/stuttering/glitching in situations where you wouldn't expt it.
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