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Thanks for the reply.

Multi track recording.

Tracks played live are muted.

There is one verse (in the song in question) first without any other instruments apart from our two live guitars.

The problem I guess is that, when we play those tracks, we may speed up or slow down the tempo, so the accompanying tracks suddenly start playing before or after they should do.

The way to stop this is for us to play to a click but I don't want the audience to hear the click.

We would have to wear an earpiece each and have the routing of the click out to our ears ONLY.

However, that may be cumbersome in its own way as I would prefer to use my ears to listen to general sound without a timing signal "crackling" in my ear. We don't have FOH or any mixing assistance. We're just a couple of geezers playing in a bar.

You mention controllers and/or other triggering arrangements and I don't know about these.

Do you have a link to some kind of information about this kind of live arrangement?


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