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Originally Posted by serr View Post
I must admit a little surprise at the new Mac Pro announcement.
Appears to be a real computer with actual M.2 SSD slots (2x), pci slots (8x), ram slots (12x - total 1.5TB), and ports (thunderbolt 3, USB-A, USB-C).

Right away though...
This T2 chip business. It sounds like the M.2 SSDs for example are going to be proprietary and NOT standard M.2! Everything will be geared towards preventing 3rd party repair. The marketing brochure calls this security. So... a weird machine both aimed at raw 4k & 8k video editing and CIA agent work simultaneously. Or something. Preventing 3rd party repair basically.

Heh. Cue conspiracy theory about the CIA editing fake news video in real time!

Don't know how the price will line up with whatever custom build you could put together and go Linux/Hackentosh with. But I have a guess...

At least on the surface this looks like the first pro computer configuration out of Apple since 2012 so that's something anyway.

Apparently that stand video is real? I thought it was some Onion-like business. Wow...
That's not a good look.
What's especially ironic is that Apple is trying to service the upper pro purchaser, which they don't have the same grip on anymore, as FCPX isn't the players used to be. Obviously, it still gets used, but if you're doing high end video work it's not as if you need to use a Mac, and that you need to buy a better Mac. I know a slew of news and airing episodic TV editors and these days none are using FCPX or Macs. The only people buying these will be people who need it to be a Mac, which ain't in 2019 what it was in 2004. And despite their extremely successful infiltration of Universities' arts departments in the late '90s, Apple's paid as much attention to them in the decades that followed as they did the non-educational arts pro and semi pro user, and that dominance simply doesn't exist there either anymore, and they can go in any direction they want without losing students.

It will make the corporate employee very happy when their company buys one or two, and the editor who is so busy it will pay for itself. And if $18,000 give or take a few grand, will pay for itself in short order in an audio room who runs OS X programs, then it's good for them. But anyone hoping for a rock solid $4,000 box (at the bottom of its line) that will kick their DAW work up a few notches was left out of this one.
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