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related to grand staff, a point of nonsense is the always-taught description of "common meter" or "common time" with the indicator "C". I wonder if anyone here knows what the "C" really, originally means. And it's not an abbreviation for "common."

All the 10,000 variations of "dummy's guide" or "easy intro piano" are simply wrong.

the bizarre thing about the complete lack of truth in the teaching is that there is seemingly no explanation for why/where/how the error started, or how the error continues to be taught. it's as if no one really cares what it really means symbolically.
I think that C comes from the roman word Compas, which means "measuring time" or "time-ruler" or "tempo (time-change-measure)". Not entirely sure though...
Error is too strong, it was more of a authoritative imposition of views and practices.
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