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Hi Heda,
I found that the "send preset button" doesn't work on Mac.
I'm not sure did I perform it right
,here's my steps :

1. select destination track "reverb".
2. Ctrl+left mouse click on S1(save to preset "1")
3. select another track "xxx".
4. click on S1.
5. No response.

if I understand correctly it supposed to make a send from

"XXX" --to--> "reverb"

or did I perform it incorrecly?
If so ,plz point that out

here's the video below
,this might only happens on Mac which I'm using.
Thx for the wrk, really appreciated.

my current TI version is v1.4rc49
Reaper 6.11 / SWS/S&M: v2.11.0 / Hackintosh OSX High Sierra 10.13.6
i9 9900KS / 8 Cores base:4.0Ghz turbo:5.0Ghz / 64G RAM /
JS_ReaScriptAPI: v1.215 / Ultraschall API: v43090.02

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