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Default Mono plugin compatibility

I suspect this topic has been discussed, but I can't figure out the right search terms to get to it. I am a plugin developer. I have a plugin that must process mono and stereo audio differently. The plugin only allows 1/1 and 2/2 (input/output) configurations. If there is one audio stream through the plugin, it assumes mono processing. If there are two audio streams, then it assumes stereo processing. This system breaks down with Reaper. I get two audio channels through the plugin when the track wav file is a mono file. Can I get only one channel of audio when it is mono? If not, is there a way to detect (via JUCE API?) that, even if there are two channels of audio, that they are the same and the track is effectively mono? If I can detect that, then I can do mono processing on one channel and simply copy it to the two output channels.
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