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Red face How to keep MIDI-notes playing on command "project start play"

Hi all!
So, after finding out almost everything I need to know about MIDI myself, I've got stuck on the last 2 small issues. Maybe the specialists can help with:

1. I want a MIDI-note te keep playing when I press space to start playing a project
2. Less important, I want to stop a long MIDI-note with a command to a fade-out
Less important for our FOH-technician could fade out the samplechannel as well

My setup and scenario (for maybe I need te change the way I want it to work)
Scenario: When we play live gigs, we use a click-track on our in-ears (1st ch). A drone on the 2nd channel, the 3rd channel for FX, 4th channel for playing MP3 such as intros/outros

Setup: I'm using a windows 10 laptop, behringer 4ch soundcard for output to 4ch DI, 16 button Korg nanopad and an external keyboard with loads of coloured tape for ques and actions. On the nanopad the band can trigger/stop markers 1-16 (I use the coloured ext keyboard top 2 rows for triggering markers from sitting behind my drumkit). I've remapped the virtual MIDI-keyboard to use only the 3rd row (ASDF...) for trigging several MIDI-samples. Al our clicktrack-samples, drones and other programmed FX are in the same 2 hour 4ch project where we can skip through using the markers when playing live.

What I want to achieve;
When Monique (singer) starts talking to the audience, I want to be able to start samples such as wind, ocean, a girl crying in a cave. And on my cue start the project, the clicks an such, on which the violin or guitar can start the song. So the MIDI-notes (in this case long samples) and triggering markers works on the keyboard, until I get the "band-ready"-signal and press project play, then the sample stops

How to let the samples continue playing and be able to start the clicks en drones?

Sorry for the long story, but this is my first time ever posting a question on a forum Hope you guys can help. Have good day and thanks in advance
Kind regards, Jan!
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