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Originally Posted by nuc View Post
I think the installation instructions as well as the packaging of the theme might be improved here.

First of all, a user only needs two of those files, depending on his OS (not all four).
Secondly, I would simply split both versions into different folders: The Windows ones separate from the MacOS ones.
This way it would not be necessairy to have a naming scheme like Smooth_6_Windows.ReaperTheme, but simply Smooth_6.ReaperTheme for any OS.

On a different note, every folder in your packaging contains a .DS_Store file (which I guess is some MacOS specific thing?). I would probably remove those files in future releases for clean packaging
I saw those when I extracted on the Win10 machine (with hidden files visible). For now, you'll have to live with them, as my workflow is set up to package on OSX.

I like the idea of separating the install files into Windows and Mac (root folders), I'll do that for 2.2. Thanks, hadn't thought of that.

Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Ah pity! Well, the good thing is, people who succeeded installing the TTF version can just use the regular Smooth v6 version.

Originally Posted by ChrisDN View Post
Provided you've loaded the windows version of the LUA script and are running that specific Action, you're good.
I imagine it was just overlooked when he duplicated the file to create the Windows version.
You can fix it easily enough by selecting the script in the Actions List, hitting the edit button, and changing the top line.
Oh yes, I need to rename the LUA files. Thanks!

Originally Posted by alindsay55661 View Post
Fira Sans TTF can be downloaded via Google Fonts:,800i,900,900i
I'll try those today, thanks.

Originally Posted by vsthem View Post
Thanks again for this great theme!

If a narrow mix view slider (rather than default knob) were to be added, would this need to be a third party mod once you open the floodgates?

Anyone planning on doing this? I've got it set up now where everything is perfect...except I'd love narrow sliders.
If anyone is willing to mod the narrow slider to have a fader, I will (gladly!) add it to he official release. I'm not able to do it myself.

Originally Posted by Thonex View Post
A height of 24 looks great and gives me the track count I need

You mentioned that the conditional Track ID placement may be affected. What exactly is the track ID. So far, no anomalies.

Great work!
Thanks! The track ID is the track number, far left of the TCP. It gets nudges up and down depending on the height of the TCP track. Looks to be fine still, since you made the track smaller, and not larger.

All good! :)
Smooth V6 1080P/HiDPI Theme
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