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Originally Posted by unsound View Post
hey Jonas....thanks for the reply, I'm on windows xp dux's version. I tried both 1.04 and 1.06......both had delay I'm not really sure why it's doing it, it was fine in my laptop but not on my desktop and as I said everything else works fine on it.....but just in case here are my specs....

Dux's nlite xp pro
Core 2 Quad 8200
Gigabyte Ep45-ESDL board
4 gigs ram
2 Presonus Firepods

Not sure what to make of this. The latest version of DrumReaplacer is 1.09 (see link above) but I have not had the problems you describe in any version (and if the version you're using worked on your laptop that also suggests that the problem is not with DrumReaplacer...).

Could you try using the latest version of DrumReaplacer and post what version of Reaper you're using? (Are you using the same version of Reaper on your laptop as on your desktop?)

- Jonas
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