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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I will start on that tool, for now just target whichever you have, we'll make something to combine it with the latest and highlight the stuff that was new.
Thanks, that tool will help a lot

I was thinking on something like a big window split in 2 windows where window 1 would display everything we need to translate and window 2 would display all places in REAPER where words/phrases/statements/etc., are used. Something like "select a word/phase/statement/etc on window 1 and window 2 displays all places where it's used". Maybe this tool could also have some basic stuff to "search", "search and replace" (with upper/lower options, etc.), etc. An "import and merge langpacks" would also help a lot, like you said. I'm using notepad++ right now and it's helped a lot.
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