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Hello, first post.

I've been playing around with Reaper using my Tascam FW1082 tonight (firewire interface and control surface). It works fine (in Mackie Control mode) although it doesn't look like I can allocate any of the function keys. But faders, transport, jog wheel, pan/eq controls, mute/solo buttons etc. all work just fine.

One small thing, if I close Reaper when tracks are armed, the Rec lights on the tascam for those tracks will stay lit even when reaper is closed. The only way to switch these off is to restart the Tascam or open up the project in reaper and disarm the tracks. No biggy though really.

I haven't done any extensive work yet but first impressions are promising. And I'm liking Reaper, I might be moving away from Cubase once I've given it a proper trial.

edit: also the touch sensitivity of the faders doesn't seem to work, ie. when you touch the fader that track isn't auto selected (although the fader still works to adjust the level).

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