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New build is up.

There are now a couple of primitive Layouts for TouchOSC in CSI/Touch OSC Layouts.

First off all configure the usual OSC suspects, don't forget to use different ports for the pad and phone.

If you install the Layouts on a pad and a phone and have UAD and the following plugins -- Ampeg SVT VR Classic (free) -- Lexicon 224 -- LA2A Silver mkii, and use the new supplied CSI.ini you should see the following:

On pad/phone choose UADPad/UADPhone -- you should see a screen with the text "Mapped FX" in red -- no buttons just text.

Now on a project track load up a Lexicon 224 and an Ampeg SVT VR.

If you select the Track you just loaded the FX onto, you should see the pad and phone automatically switch from Mapped FX.

The phone should now show a SVT amp sim that you can adjust.

The pad should now show a Lexicon 224 that you can adjust.

Here I also have the Console mapping channel strip stuff, so when I select a Track with an SVT amp sim, a Pultec EQ, a Fairchild Compressor, and a Lexicon 224 reverb, here's what happens:

The EQ and compressor automatically map to the Console1.

The SVT amp sim maps to the phone and the phone automatically switches to the SVT amp Sim page on the phone.

The Lexicon 224 reverb maps to the pad and the pad automatically switches to the Lexicon 224 reverb page on the pad.

If you select another track, if there are maps/pages for the FX, the maps change (including the screens on the/phone/pad).

It's pretty cool stuff, I'll try to make a quick demo movie...
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