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Originally Posted by WaveTrans View Post

I am testing the XT1 and the Nano currently and found the message quoted below in the thread and wondered if there are any XT1 (or Nano) mst/zon files for CSIalpha around? (I found a prealpha version which is not fully functional in my hands)

Lacking any programming skills I still somehow managed to keymap the Icon platform Nano which appears to be standard MCU (I suppose not unexpectedly).

Basic Mcu works (transport etc, except master pan) but zoom and many buttons do not and the track selection appears to be faulty also (Track selection in reaper is reflected by the nano, however, selecting a track on the nano using the channel keys selects all tracks switched through).

Sorry I can´t contribute more (or anything more worthwhile).
However, if anyone´s got XT1 or Nano mst/zons I´d be grateful!

Best regards,
Cool, I think if you assign a button to ToggleScrollLink:

Zone Buttons
        someButton ToggleScrollLink
you should get the scrolling behaviour you expect.
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