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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Have you just the Console1 or other surface controller too.

The basic default setup when you install CSI is Geoff's setup, it has a Console1 already setup, you would just have to correct the midi device io.

Once you have it installed, open reaper, then options>preferences>Control/OSC/Web
Add CSI (Control Surface Integrator)
click on HomePage (and you should see the surfaces show up, I think there are 4, one is Console1 but depending on what YOU have, you'll want to delete there rest and/or add anything else.
Click console1 then edit then put in the correct midi in and out.
That's you "on the playing field" what you do now, depends on setting up FXzones to utilize the console1. It's a learning curve, but not too steep thankfully.
Thank you! Digging in...
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