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Default Artist Control Surface Not Following Track Selection

Hi All,

Sorry if this point has been already mentioned in the 100+ pages, Google let me think this is not the case, so...

I've hooked-up my Artist Control without problems, but I can't manage to get it to follow track selection from the screen.

As I have only 4 faders and projects with 100+ tracks, I'd like the Control Surface to jump to the track I select onscreen (as Eucon beta integration provided). Am I doing something wrong ? I've tried to play with Eucon app prefs, to no avail.

As a side question, in my setup, I declared only one Surface, and I only get to see 4 channels on the AC display. I guess this is normal, but when watching the video at it seems that there are more than that. I guess it actually is the Artists Mix corresponding tracks. I'm asking as I miss being able to scroll trhough tracks from the Artist Control's screen.

Any hint welcome :-)
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