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Originally Posted by matnoir View Post
Hi All,

Sorry if this point has been already mentioned in the 100+ pages, Google let me think this is not the case, so...

I've hooked-up my Artist Control without problems, but I can't manage to get it to follow track selection from the screen.

As I have only 4 faders and projects with 100+ tracks, I'd like the Control Surface to jump to the track I select onscreen (as Eucon beta integration provided). Am I doing something wrong ? I've tried to play with Eucon app prefs, to no avail.

As a side question, in my setup, I declared only one Surface, and I only get to see 4 channels on the AC display. I guess this is normal, but when watching the video at it seems that there are more than that. I guess it actually is the Artists Mix corresponding tracks. I'm asking as I miss being able to scroll trhough tracks from the Artist Control's screen.

Any hint welcome :-)
Cool, first off, if you have the time, could you please attempt to get set up with the soft keys in the .zip file. It should be simply a matter of placing the enclosed .xml file in the folder indicated in the picture.

If that works, please tell me, I'll include it in the next build for Control owners.

Now, you need to assign a key to ToggleScrollLink -- maybe you want to use the Softkey named "Track" to do this, here is the line you need to enter in you .zon file -- put it in the Buttons Zone, replacing the definition that is there now:

Old definition:

	Track ToggleMapFXMenu
New definition:

        Track ToggleScrollLink
Then, just engage that, and you should get the behaviour you want.

Let me know what happens.

The reason you only see 4 Tracks in the your window is you're missing the extra Mix units that are present in the video.
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