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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Cool, I think if you assign a button to ToggleScrollLink:

Zone Buttons
        someButton ToggleScrollLink
you should get the scrolling behaviour you expect.
Thanks for the help but I think I need more help, please.

I tried to set that up for the Nano but the whole thing did not work and it was not apparent to me what´s going on.

So I went for the XT1 with less knobs and more straight forward scroll/zoom section and prepared a .mst file and started on a .zon which needs testing, when I noticed that when setting up a CSI in the preferences the .mst files I made show up and can be chosen while the .zon files never show up; I erased all MCU files in the Reaper folder, put the .zon as only file in the MCU-folder but it is still not showing - it just shows the standard MCU.zon file I am shure I erased...

Very strange. Is there a solution to this riddle?
Grateful for any help!
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