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I have tried to use the .dll in the zip file of the OP, but it doesn't work on my system (Win 7 Home Premium).
Inside the zip it's the same name as the old 32bit lame, actually.
I even renamed it to lame_enc64.dll but still no success.
The other .dll that reaper mentions libmp3lame.dll I was not able to find at all as a download that looked trustworthy.

I then found the lame file on the developer's website but again it doesn't work at all. I placed it where the reaper executable is located.

Would it be possible to include this whole thing in Reaper 4 ?
I would even pay a little extra if Reaper was simply able to render mp3 files without all the trouble of those dll files.
If I don't get this to work, I will just use the freeware program Format Factory to make mp3 files from a rendered WAV, but it's not really my preferred way.

So, where do I get a working lame_enc64.dll file ?
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