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I just can't manage to get an outside client to connect to my server. No matter what I do with my router and config file, I get this message from the client : Error connecting: Can't connect to host!

What I did :
- I DO have a fixed IP address
- I forwarded port 2049 to the server on my router
- I have checked the firewall and verified the port with online tools

I've tried on both Windows and MacOS.

I can connect locally thru, no problem there.
But if I use my public IP, I always get the error.

I have exact same issue with the only exception that my network is on the 10.1.x group if IP addresses.
I can successfully connect to the server from another local machine, but connecting from outside simply fails with the message you provided.
Did you ever figure this out? I have not seen any responses here, so curious...
Thanks for any help!
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