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There are no stupid questions in the Reaper Newbie Forum!

Yes, it's the same output being used to monitor the Reaper project.

I *think* I may have figured it out (possibly... possibly...) -

I'm using an Audient i-D4 external audio interface. Not so familiar with it. It has a nob which allows for monitoring INPUT (Hard Left turn) or the DAW (hard Right turn) - BUT there are gradations between the two choices, allowing for hearing something like a Click Track or Metronome - as well as the actual INPUT you are playing/recording.

I reverted to AUDACITY just to get on with laying some stuff down, and realized this.

I'll apply it the tracks in Reaper next time I open Reaper, and see if this solves the problem.

MANY THANKS, One and All -

- Mehermuchacho
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