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Originally Posted by clepsydrae View Post
What about building reaper native plugins
You can build Reaper extension plugins for Linux (on Linux), as evidenced by SWS and ReaPack. (Not with IPlug, of course. I just mean it's generally possible to build them.) But those are Reaper extensions, not audio processing plugins like VST. (And they must be built with Visual Studio or at least the MSVC compiler for Windows.)

On Linux, I have successfully built VST plugins with JUCE and gcc. (However, for possible subsequent Windows builds, there is again the problem that Visual Studio is the preferred development environment for JUCE too. They have nominal MinGw support and are not doing extensive testing and support for that.)
For info on SWS Reaper extension plugin (including Xenakios' previous extension/actions) :
Xenakios blog (about HourGlass, Paul(X)Stretch and λ) :

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