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Default Remove Mouse click After Recording

Hello everyone!
I work with dubbing voice.
I use a G604 mouse from Logitech to speed up the process and it's so useful.
Using actions + mouse config I can address each of the 10 buttons of the mouse to a different function! It saves me hours of clicking and I am satisfied with that.
The point is that I save various small clips (items) in a 1 hour video as I record each line separately.
When I click the button to Record (the same to stop recording) my Shure SM7B captures a tiny click from the mouse.
I have already tried:
>> Using fade out to silence the click
>> Manually cutting the end of the item
>> Noise gate (the click is to low to be detected by the gate but too high to leak in the final mix)

I ask you: Is there a "automated" way, like an action i could use to eliminate that click?
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