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Default External CD Drive/Burner

I am unable to burn a cd from Reapers timeline using the normal render/burn procedures. Reaper will not burn from my new Dell external USB drive. It shows up in the this PC portion of Windows and also in the drop down menu under Native CD in the render/burn window of Reaper. I have burned a cd with Vegas Edit Pro 14 no problem when selecting this drive. I have tried using different USB ports, Re-starting Reaper but no go . The Error I get is "Cannot Set CD Recorder". I also was able to burn a CD from the rendered image file in the project folder using Nero 2017 and it played back fine without errors. Frustrating as I use this feature a lot. And I am able to burn CD's from my Dell XPS internal drive with no issues. It is just the new external drive that will not work with Reaper.

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