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Originally Posted by Ddrumz View Post
I tried adjusting volume for each output on the drum module, but had the same problem with the hi-hat. What's interesting is I notice that the signals sent from the hi-hat are registering, but there's nothing recording. I tried to adjust the levels in MTPowerdrummer and got the same results. Is there something specific I should be looking for? Is there a different VST that you like to use?
Aye, its probably just registering in Reaper, right? not in the VST itself, I take it?

It has good sound, but like I said, I couldnt get the pedal ro register either other than sending 'open' and 'closed' hihat since my TD-11 sends those on their own respective notes. Could never get the pedal presure to be recognized in MTPowerdrummer.

You might have a look at Sennheiser Drummic'A. A pretty elaborate free VST drumkit using NI Kontakt. It doesnt have the greatest sound out of the box, but with some tweaking it can sound really nice - and it does have *alot* of tweaking abilities compared to MTPowerdrummer.

You can find it here:

And here's the manual with midi maps as well:

I got the hi-hat working a wee bit better (more expressive) with the Sennheiser VST, but again: it does require a bit more work to get it where you want it to be. Featurewise it offers a whole lot more...and did I mention it's free? Oh and one more thing: I had to go through the registration process in german. Maybe I clicked the wrong link cause the above one seems to be in English...
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