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It seems to work just like my midi controller does in Single Channel mode. But I haven't tested it thoroughly... I think it's good enough to upload.

What could be nice would be another plugin that sends midi channel 1 cc messages for mod Wheel, sustain pedal, breath, brightness and maybe a few other parameters to all other, bBasically all parameters that affect all voices at the same time. This would make all multi-channel software like Omnisphere or Kontakt MPE-compatible and still have the mod wheel affect all voices. And even if it isn't you could make separate tracks and make it MPE that way.

Roli might have this feature already, but Artiphon I1 doesn't. I did it myself by using "JS: Midi Note Filter" and then "JS: Midi CC Channel Router" on a separate track with a send to my instrument track. I could do without the extra track plus one plugin is better than two, and it could be a bit easier to setup

Edit: Here is my thread about the subject. Solger helped me out with the solution:

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