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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Could you elaborate what you mean by 'clashes with the Media Item lane'?
I've searched through the auto generated ReaScript doc (done with latest dev version) and the only place I see 0x208 listed is for MIDIEditor_GetSetting_int / 0x208=notation events.
The Media Item lane is not mentioned in the API help, but it also returns 0x208.

EDIT: Oops, the Media Item lane does not return any value. The returned value is whatever lane was clicked before the Media Item lane.

Originally Posted by nofish View Post
(Asking because I just recently added support for the Notation events lane in BR_GetMouseCursorContext_MIDI(), also returning 0x208 currently.)
Thanks for doing this! Do you perhaps know if a new version of SWS will be released?

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