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Originally Posted by Jonas_Eriksson_Swe View Post
Hmm, I just did a few tests with 3.02 and everything seems to work as expected... I'll install 3.03 and try again.


Tried with 3.03 and it also works fine here as well, however I haven't done a fresh install, just installed the newer versions on top of the old. Do you still have delay problems?

- Jonas
I am still on 3.02. Since we just moved and got on a company ISP I've been having this issue mess up my downloads so I cant bet my hands on 3.03 right now:

Don't know when I will be able to download properly again. Just goes to show you should own your internet connection yourself.

On the drumreaplacer front though I am sorry to report that there has been no change in 3.02 regarding the delay. situation is the same.

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