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i intalled python, 3.2 cause it wouldnt recognize 3.3 or something, and i got your script mapped to the shift f and it takes me to track 100 and beyond perfectly.

bravo! yeay, useful for me very.

theres one behavior tho id like to change about it if possible, after using that script to select that track when you hit the arrow key to take you to the next track it takes you back to the track you were at before you used the script, plus one.

so if im at track 5 and use the script to select track 100 and then hit the arrow key to try to go to track 101 itll instead go to track 6.

which might be useful in some situations but in most i think id need to be able to go to the next track 101 at that point.

thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!

oh, and also i dont need undo, on my live laptop i disable undo to make scrolling faster, i never used undo live so it seemed ok to do.

another thing i forgot , when i use the arrow keys theyre mapped to macros to do the mute/slect/unmute thing.

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