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such a cool attitude! please have as many kids as you can.

that kinda invites me to ask about a couple other ideas,

in my master track insert slot 4 i have reverberate-x64, would i be able to change the presets with a script?

i use a plate verb all the time but if i could switch with a single keypress id use some of the spring and gate on things.

and thats one that maybe could benefit from the behavior of that first batch of scripts where after you select the master and change the preset hitting the arrow would take you back to (almost) the track where you were.

or maybe if it could just select the verb preset without changing the track youre on, thatd be awesome.

then along the same lines on my track 2 i have guitar rig in insert 5. itd be nice to have a keypress turn that from offline to online and select a preset too.

and another to turn it offline again.

and all without changing the track youre on would again be awesome.

but those are all luxuries and not as maddening as the other problems you fixed for me.

i installed python and your scripts on my for real live laptop after testing on this net one and its working great. soooooo much faster. zoom!!
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