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Tony, I would recommend being more precise in your explanations, so here's a macro that could work (which also explains the desired script):

-SWS: Save current track selection (53773) (_SWS_SAVESEL)
-Track: Unselect all tracks (40297)
-SWS: Select master track (53798) (_SWS_SELMASTER)

-SWS/S&M: Trigger next preset for FX 04 of select tracks (54441) (_S&M_NEXT_PRESET_FX4)
-SWS/S&M: Trigger previous preset for FX 04 of select tracks (54445) (_S&M_PREVIOUS_PRESET_FX4)

-SWS: Restore saved track selection (53774) (_SWS_RESTORESEL)
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