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Default Banned from NINBOT & NINJAMMER

Unfortunately I pushed some other new ninjam clients and bots for servers and it has got me banned from ninbot and ninjamer.

I'd really love to see things more open, and why I was pushing the other clients.

Justin made the source open, and ever since people have just been looking for ways to steal it, rename it and charge for it.
That and they would create ninjam stuff and even when using open sourced code they would close theirs and not fairly share on what they was happy to share from.

I have 2 servers running, one a 16 person jam server, and other atm a studio room with spectator slots.

We need more people to run permanent servers so a few can't control and hold back ninjam as has happened for years so far.

I can help people get them setup, plus now we have the irc bot which can allow if wanted cross server chat for all servers using it.

I've never been into ninjam to help just a few achieve their dream of world domination.
I have just been in it for the jams, fun and always been happy to help people setup, this got me some respect but it got me more haters through jealousy, I know it's that cos I'd only ever be nice to these people.

Anyway we/most of us come to have fun, not see who is the best of the best and which geek thinks they got the most testosterone.

Server is I'll sort a domain out soon and let Justin know the new addy.
Also if ya put that in ya web browser ya get chat and the audio stream form the server, not all servers, need to redo the code as I was blocked from them.

Free is FUN, people trying to steal freedom isn't.
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