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As for the remaining scripts in the stash, shouldn't we just host a copy of them in the repostory
Yes, I already ask spk77 about uploading his stuff to the repo (I already download / unpack / sort it properly), but he didn`t answered yet.
But as I understood, X-Raym says to host scripts only in their original place:
Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
Coders free to choose their distribution platform (an individual link page could be added, with a link to the raw file for downloading the ressource - tssi can also be applied in script header) / gitlab / github / stash / ftp. This means independence.
But really, why should we care about is links still works, is raw exists, is ftp accessible etc? That why I suggest to hold all of this in one place (at least as copy of original stuff).

what you mean by this?
I just wanted to say, plain text more editable than zipped package. Sorry for my English.

I may not figured it properly, but if we say about spreadsheet it is a good idea if it comes with repo and used by updater. But it is hard to merge pull requests and edit this spreadsheet simultaneously. Maybe it should works with repo nominal versions (again like SWS), and not update with every commit. For example, collect all commits from some time period and manually give a sign to updater which will say "repo is updated, download me" or ask user "repo is updated, download?" + readable changelog of whole repo (which can hold info only about something big and leave small bugfixes)

Bad thing is I like X-Raym repo and I want him to be a part of this project, but I dont know is there a possibility to clone his repo into another common and keep it constantly updated from original OR maybe updater will merge while installing my git repo, X-Raym and common (other users) git repo, because I found our repos is biggest in Reaper community (there is also 70+ spk77 scripts I sorted, their sources placed in stash).
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